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Leanne’s canine customers are set for a ‘transfurmation’!


Dog groomer Leanne Little is opening a new business on Stroud High Street at the beginning of next month.

“I am opening my own dog grooming business, Transfurmation! Dog Grooming by Leanne Little,” she explained.

“I’m qualified, insured and canine first aid-trained with several years’ experience in the industry. I’ve worked my way up, starting as an assistant at Ruff ‘n’ Ready dog grooming salon in Stroud.

“I put myself through my qualification last year and after lots of practice and training and now I am going self-employed. I will be based at Ruff ‘n’ Ready, which is located on Stroud High Street, renting a grooming space from them.”

Dog logo | Leanne's canine customers are set for a 'transfurmation'!

Does Leanne have a soft spot for any particular breed of dog? “I’ve had extra training on Bichon Frises and they are also my favourite breed. I also have a soft spot for a old grumpy terrier!”

What have been the high points of her career so far? “One particular grooming moment that stands out to me is when a Bichon Frise came to me for a groom after being rescued. At his first appointment he was so scared he would lash out at me out of fear.

“Fast forward two years he runs straight to me when he sees me, and I even get kisses and a cuddle from him. It took us a long time to create that level of trust but that is how my job works – I really bond with my clients’ dogs and treat them as one of my own so they trust me and are happy to see me.”

Leanne’s business launches next Tuesday, March 1st

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