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Letter to the editor: keep Nailsworth in the Stroud constituency


Dear sir,

A review of parliamentary boundaries is being carried out by a commission that has an initial proposal for Nailsworth to stay in Stroud Constituency.

This is sensible as it reflects the close links between Nailsworth and Stroud including close ties – just four miles apart – with:

  • Transport links along the A46, the Nailsworth cycle track, bus services, commons and footpaths
  • Employment and education links with many travelling between Nailsworth and Stroud for work and study
  • Leisure and cultural links with people in both Nailsworth and Stroud using both towns for entertainment, sports, and recreation
  • Retail links with shoppers visiting businesses in both towns to buy food and other goods and services
  • Family links and housing markets with local people moving within and between the towns to maintain their local connections.

The commission proposal means that Nailsworth Ward would remain in the highly marginal Stroud Constituency — where your votes could really count!

This is under threat from the Conservatives and MP Siobhan Baillie, who wantS to move Nailsworth into The Cotswolds Constituency which would stretch up to Chipping Campden – 40 miles away, not the four miles to Stroud!

The Conservatives are proposing this in a political counter-proposal to make room for Hardwicke Ward – which elects Conservative councillors, and in order to do this, they want Nailsworth removed from Stroud Constituency.

Bizarrely the Conservatives claim that Nailsworth “has fewer ties to Stroud than Hardwicke”, which is on the edge of Gloucester and has multiple connections to the City of Gloucester.

Your voice needs to be heard! Don’t delay and send comments via the link below, before April 4

BCE Consultation Portal (

Nailsworth District and County Councillors,

c/o 5a Lansdown,



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