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Letter to the editor: outrage at dog poo bags and disposable barbecues left dumped on Minch Common


Dear Sir,

I am one of a small group of residents in the Amberley and Littleworth areas who, as part of a daily walk, like to litter pick one day per week, to help keep Minchinhampton Common and surrounding areas looking neat and tidy for visitors and locals.

There is much concern as to how much and the nature of the litter that has been left behind, fast food packaging, cans, bottles, plastic cups, all types of paper and cardboard, disposable barbecues, shoes, masks, discarded full and empty dog pooh bags and much more, including golf tees for the animals to pick up.

Recently, there was an exceptionally large pile of paper plates, food bags, and other items besides the dog waste bin on the corner of the reservoir in the middle of Minchinhampton Common, far too much to be picked up at the time, as there was not sufficient space in my quite large collection bag.

Littering has always been a major problem in this country, but a totally unnecessary one.  It could be avoided if each and every person was socially responsible enough to take their litter home with them and dispose of it through our very efficient local authority waste collection system. 

Finally, to dog walkers who leave pooh bags hanging in bushes and car parks, perhaps they should reconsider whether they are suitable and responsible enough to own a pet.

Our environment is so precious and much more care needs to be taken to protect it.  There is far too much anti-social behaviour that goes unpunished and no excuses should be made.

Name and address supplied

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