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Letter to the editor: the fairytale of Brimscombe Port


Dear Editor,

Once upon a time there was a great opportunity to redevelop Brimscombe Port. 

The ideas were fantastic to create a new canal basin and houses built of brick to put the heart back into Brimscombe.

Dreams were circulated to the people and the site sold to a magician who would make it all happen.

When economic times were good the scheme went so slow that people fell asleep. And when times were poor the dreams were deflated and delayed.

Local beauties such as The Long Table, Rush, and Inside Football were banished from the land to be replaced by ‘Keep Out’ fencing.

Buildings were demolished and the people were sad. “Why can’t we use the flatlands for community activity so we can let our hair down” they asked – ‘oh no you can’t’ was the response from the Mill. 

The lords and ladies who live in the Mill promised that there would be a happy ending and that the lucky giant project beans would be planted soon. 

Graham Russell,


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