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Letter to the editor: Time for action on Tricorn House


I know that many fine words and attempts have been made to do something with this building but no action has worked.

So now it is the time to get the Tricorn House debacle sorted.

A young man’s future has been cut short by falling off the roof of this disgraceful building which has been left and not been dealt with.

In recent times, no-one has taken responsibility for the security of the building.

And although SDC has taken some steps to try and get permission to demolish it or turn it into something usable nothing has changed for more than 20 years.

Things don’t change until we do the things that make change happen.

I could go on about homeless etc for hours, but I know you are fully aware of the issues. No excuses are reasonable now.

I have felt angry about this building for years, the waste, now I am both sad and furious that this has happened.

A family and community are grieving because we haven’t done what was needed.

All young people love to go exploring old buildings, doing adventurous and risky stuff. I did it myself and so did most of you.

But it has been sitting there unattended for years and now he has , by the tragedy of his death shown us that it has gone on long enough.

If there isn’t a law against business premises being left in the centre of a community rotting ,there should be. Can we bring a law to the government?

What will it take for some movement on this?

What needs to happen for the Tricorn House situation to change?

Surely the owner and Stroud District Council bear responsibility for this and if not why not ?

There must be something that can be done.

Lis Parker

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