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Life-saving defibrillators fitted at Stonehouse pubs


Life-saving defibrillators have been fitted at two pubs in Stonehouse.

Funded by a Stonehouse County Councillor from his councillors fund, Cllr Nick Housden has placed the devices at the Globe Inn and the Woolpack.

Cllr Housden said: “I am delighted to see the arrival of two defibrillators. They will provide brilliant coverage across the town in case of emergency. It’s been brilliant to work with both pubs who have agreed to home these as well as Stonehouse Town Council and I thank them all for working with me on this project.

“This is a further investment within Stonehouse, with a value of more than £3,000 these state of the art bits of kit could save a life one day. Defibrillators are fantastic devices but the key to saving life really is speed, my hope is that adding to the existing provision across the town makes the chances of saving a life more likely if and when an incident occurs.”

A defibrillator can be used by anyone to shock a person’s heart back into a normal rhythm if they suffer a sudden cardiac arrest and increase the chance of someone surviving from nine percent to 50 percent when compared to the use of CPR alone.

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