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Newly-formed Cinemums gathered at Stroud Vue for the first time.

The group included 49 mums, dads, babies and grandparents to watch Rye Lane, followed by pizza at Fat Toni’s.

Organiser Naomi Said explained: “This new group is an opportunity to access arts, culture and a social scene for new parents, supporting social cohesion and mental health, and bringing an initiative long-established in cities to our rural town.

“The relaxed performance includes lowered volume, dim lighting in the auditorium and space to move around with babies, whilst parents can watch a film together and talk about it afterwards over a pizza.”

Stroud Cinemums are also keen to hear from arts/cultural venues in the district who may be interested in audience development opportunities to improve access to arts and culture for parents of infants.

If anyone is interested in joining the group, please email

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