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Mean on Monday: I have long admired Greg Pilley


By Ian Mean, Business West Gloucestershire director

I have long admired Greg Pilley who founded Stroud brewery in 2006.

He now has a team of 72 people, a string of brewing awards and Stroud Brewery is  a shining example of a business that has been one of the first companies in Gloucestershire to achieve B Corp status.

Like Stroud Brewery, Business West is a B Corp too with Hewett Recruitment-together we are holding an event at the brewery on March 14 titled “Attracting and Retaining Talent as a B Corp”.

Recruitment and retaining staff is, of course, one of the key challenges facing all our  businesses in Gloucestershire-large and small.

The event is open to all our Chamber of Commerce members and firms from the Gloucestershire business community.

It will hopefully develop into an insightful discussion about being a B Corp and how it can help companies attract and retain talent.

As firms  compete for good people, an employer’s social and environmental impact is  increasingly proving to be  important to attract    new recruits.

I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that achieving B Corp certification speaks a thousand words to potential employees.

Hewett recruitment will be joining Stroud Brewery and ourselves at the event to give businesses an insight into the benefits of becoming a B Corp.

Greg Pilley is effusive about the benefits of B Corp status.

“First and foremost, you do it because you think it is the right thing to do,” Greg told me.

“There is a lot of work involved and you don’t do it for a quick win. It is a commitment and it is also demonstrating a commitment.

“Once you are immersed in it you realise it is an approach to manage your business. Not only are you measuring it but it gives you a tool to monitor and improve..

“It is about that constant improvement. Companies already committed to B Corp are putting themselves ahead of the game because at some point everyone has got to do it”.

Wise words from Greg Pilley.

To join Business West and Hewett Recruitment at Stroud Brewery on Thursday March 14(4-6pm), go to:https://wwwbusinesswest.co.uk/events/attracting-and-retaining-talent-b-corp-2

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