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Nelson Trust: supporting people to recover from addiction 


Tim Henderson-Ross, head of Gloucestershire’s 2,800 Freemasons, visited The Nelson Trust to learn more about the great work they do in the county and how they could be supported in the future, writes Nick Ellwood.

All of us can get a little lost at times and often all that’s needed is for someone to put us back on the right road. But addiction, trauma and complex needs can lead to difficulties in people’s lives that they cannot overcome without support. That’s where the Stroud-based Nelson Trust comes into its own. The Nelson Trust believes that change is possible for every person with the right help and support.

Hub Academy Lead, Beanie Cooke, explained to Tim how people battling with substance dependence and addiction are given the life skills to understand how to avoid repeating what led them into addiction in the first place. Relapse rates after spending time with the Trust are impressively low.

Learning new skills at The Hub Academy such as carpentry, stained glass, art, and crafts help rebuild confidence. Some clients have even found a new passion in their lives and are now earning a living from those new skills.

Nelson Trust Women’s Community Services provide women-only spaces where a wide range of support needs can be addressed in a safe and supportive environment. Keyworker Molly supports women completing their stay in prison and helps them navigate the challenges of stepping back into the outside world. With her help, they are now armed with the understanding of how to avoid the pressures and circumstances that lead them there. Molly and her colleagues also support women in the community with complex needs, to prevent offending.

Gloucestershire Freemasons give around £250,000 each year to those in need in their local communities within Gloucestershire.

Tim Henderson-Ross said: “I was really pleased to see the great work The Nelson Trust does in turning lives around for those who have slipped into addiction. The dedicated staff of the Trust helps people to understand the factors which lead to addiction and give those affected guidance and support to bring their lives back into balance. We are proud to support them in their mission.”

The Nelson Trust is a registered charity that brings belief, hope and long-term recovery to people whose lives have been torn apart by addiction and the multiple and complex needs that come with it. Our care, support and encouragement has helped thousands of people recovering from addiction and women with complex needs to change and improve the quality of their lives. 

The Nelson Trust has been operating since 1985 and provide residential addiction treatment to men and women and also support women in the community who are in contact with the criminal justice system. 

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