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New digital high streets programme to boost local shopping launches in Stroud


Hundreds of businesses across Stroud are set for a boost as Stroud District Council announces a new digital initiative in partnership with tech company, Maybe*. 

Businesses will be offered a year’s free access to a new digital toolkit which will provide the support they need to reach more customers through social media and make more sales, online and in-store. 

Research data reveals that 72% of UK consumers are on social media platforms for up to 3 hours a day.  

By contrast, of the 8,000 high street businesses in the Stroud area that are already on Google My Business, only 25% use social media at all, and under 9% are active daily., Maybe’s social media support platform, takes the guesswork out of social media – helping businesses to engage with their existing customers, gain new ones and make sales.  

Businesses that sign up will have access to resources to help them grow social media engagement, get content inspiration, and quickly compare themselves with their peers so they can track their progress.  

They will also have the opportunity to be promoted online, completely free of charge, through a high street guide called Local Rewards. The platform also rewards shoppers for their spend with local businesses and gives them the opportunity to win back their spend with weekly competitions. 

Any business that has a Google My Business listing and is active on social media will be visible on Local Rewards.

The social media posts that are performing best at any one time will be boosted to prime positions in the guide. Councillor Doina Cornell comments: “It is an exciting opportunity for the Districts businesses to work with Maybe Tech, giving the Market Town businesses access to support expand their online presence. It is a very exciting opportunity as the project will help our market town businesses both virtually and physically improve their audience reach.”

 “This project ensures that whether you are a complete digital beginner, or an adept digital business, you get the chance to upskill. Our team delivers daily training and a ‘high street champions’ programme that gives those who are doing well an opportunity to showcase their success stories to inspire others to get involved. We are delighted to be working with businesses across every high street in Stroud,” says Polly Barnfield OBE, CEO of Maybe*.

About Maybe*
Maybe* is a social media marketing platform that collates the social media content from 3.9 million UK businesses on a daily basis. Maybe* provides scheduling, engagement, listening, reporting and training tools that help businesses learn how to better connect with customers. Any businesses can get started for free

Maybe* is a partner on the UK Government’s High Street Task Force which is a 5-year project that supports High Street regeneration. To help High Streets recover from COVID,  Maybe* has created Local Rewards which provides online guides for over 3,600 UK High Streets and the tools to connect businesses with their customers. Shoppers and businesses sign up here:

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