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Nick Ponting: enjoying sporting pursuits, the Rolls-Royce way


Labelled Effortless, Everywhere – The Cullinan is Rolls-Royce’s answer to the SUV market. But it’s far from a typical SUV. It almost deserves its own title in the motoring world but to you and I, it’s a super luxury sport utility vehicle – call it SLSUV for short, well sort of.

Designed with their clients’ lifestyles firmly in mind, the Rolls-Royce Cullinan is the perfect vehicle to experience the great outdoors, whether you choose to fly fish on the banks of the River Wye or enjoy a day watching ‘the sport of kings’, it’s pretty adaptable to say the least.

RR1 | Nick Ponting: enjoying sporting pursuits, the Rolls-Royce way
Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

The name Cullinan originated from the largest diamond ever discovered back in 1905, which now takes pride of place in the British Crown Jewels. Since this range was launched in 2018, the off-road inspired motor vehicle has been put through its paces and as Rolls-Royce quote ‘tested to destruction across the planet’. Offering an unrivalled balance of luxury, practicality and sheer enjoyment, the versatility is like no other.

Inside the cabin, practicality certainly meets luxury. The rear compartment ensures whatever needs to be transported, whether it’s fly-fishing rods or powder skis, it’s done as effortlessly as possible with an electronically raiseable boot floor to level with the seat base. Fancy preparing and serving a drink for friends? That’s taken care of with the permanent hosting service which comes complete with highball glasses, American walnut cutting boards and a range of utensils.

RR3 | Nick Ponting: enjoying sporting pursuits, the Rolls-Royce way
Rolls-Royce Cullinan.

In addition, clients can enjoy the recreation module which at the touch of a button slides open to reveal a personally selected display of paraphernalia and accessories bespoke to your own wishes. As you’re now quite rightly thinking, this is just Rolls-Royce all over – they’ve equipped the Cullinan with a viewing suite. Two rear-facing seats are deployed either side of a cocktail table. I mean, if that’s not Rolls-Royce I don’t know what is. What better way of admiring views across the British countryside or taking in the atmosphere from a sporting event?

It’s versatile to say the least and whilst enjoying the brand’s well known magic carpet ride in a large SUV, the Cullinan is certainly the way to enjoy sporting pursuits in the most luxurious way.

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