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Panic stations: People urged not to panic-buy fuel


Queues have formed outside petrol stations in and around Stroud this morning.

Stroud Times’ reader Ben Rowles popped into Stonehouse this morning at 7 am for a haircut and was gobsmacked to see queues forming at Bridge Service station, he said: “Normally, the fuel station would be empty, but much like the toilet roll saga, people are panicking, but we just need to go about our day like any other. Those with electric cars are winning.”

E10 1 | Panic stations: People urged not to panic-buy fuel

The country is facing a national shortage of lorry drivers – believed to be around 100,000 – which has caused the closure of a handful of BP stations and a small number of Esso-owned Tesco Alliance stations.

The government is urging people not to panic-buy petrol, with Transport Secretary Grant Shapps insisting there is no shortage of fuel at refineries in the UK – the issue is suppliers’ capacity to distribute it.

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