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Parents pay heartfelt tribute to ‘gorgeous’ Liam


The parents of Liam Ellis have penned a heartfelt tribute to their darling little boy who died suddenly after falling ill on holiday.

Liam, aged just five, spent six days in hospital before passing away at home. His funeral took place on September 30th.

His parents Sam and Martina, who run Britannia Dance in Cashes Green, have been supported during their devastating loss by Liam’s uncle, Andrew Carruthers, who has set up a GoFundMe page to help the family and to donate you can visit – Fundraiser by Andrew Carruthers : Supporting the family of Liam Ellis (gofundme.com)

Liam’s parents wrote this emotional tribute

Liam loved music, singing, dancing, wiggling, and giggling around the house. 

He really was such a happy, considerate, and affectionate boy who loved to spend time with his family. He would fill a room with joyfulness and his beaming smile would endear those around him. When being asked to do something, he didn’t want to do, he’d often reply with a charming bribe – ‘I know…. how about I will do that if you do this’, he was a clever and cheeky boy! 

He hardly ever gave us trouble, apart from when he pressed down the handbrake and rolled mummy’s car down the hill. Luckily no one got hurt, but there were a few tears from the two scared ‘troublemakers’ asking if they have to go to jail. 

Liam loved drawing. However, this could sometimes end up with half a picture, or even a huff and a screwed-up piece of paper, due to a minor mistake. He was a perfectionist.

Liam was an expert at Lego and puzzles, to the extent that anything aimed at his own age group would be labelled as ‘boring!’ 

Liam and his sister Ella spent so much time together playing different types of games, imaginative play or board games (as long as no one lost!). On his last day he proudly beat daddy with 5 kings in draughts. 

Ella and Liam also played lots with their baby dolls (oh no- I forgot they are not dolls, they are real babies). We often remember when Liam got his baby boy, ‘Tim’, for Christmas. Liam was a very caring ‘daddy’ and a wonderful younger brother. 

Although Liam preferred to play, he also enjoyed watching original Pink Panther, Sharkdog, and musicals – with the greatest showman being his absolute favourite.

Liam loved Spiderman. His signature move was his big spidey jump onto daddy’s shoulders – sometimes this didn’t work due to too much laughter. As he got taller, instead of the shoulders, he would just kick daddy in the chest. 

Liam was a very handsome boy and was quite particular about his dressing style. His Stroudie, hippie rainbow trousers were his favourite. He loved his haircuts and enjoyed brushing his cousin Esme’s hair. There is even a live photo of him brushing her hair and falling off a bench through concentrating so much. The only thing that might have deterred Liam’s future dates was his unusual party trick. “Liam, put that tongue away” was a line regularly used to encourage him to stop putting his extra-long tongue right up his nose.

Liam really enjoyed being in the kitchen with us, cooking, baking, chopping vegetables and being on ‘cheese grating’ duty for homemade pizza nights.

Some mornings when he got up first, he would sneak downstairs and lay all of the cereal boxes and the cutlery onto the table. If we woke up and he was not finished yet, we were told to go back upstairs, so then when it was all ready, he could shout ‘surprise!!’. Liam started every meal with ‘ENJOY’! This is something we will do forever…. He also loved raising his cup with a big ‘CHEERS’ and his endearing smile. Playing restaurant with Ella was huge fun. They would write out menus and serve like waiters. 

Liam loved picking blackberries and wildflowers to make bunches at home. He enjoyed homemade Hot Chocolates with Ella out of his favourite mug full to the brim of marshmallows.

He was getting really good at football and tennis and loved to try all the ramps in Stratford Park on his scooter. Liam loved running everywhere too, he was always in front and sometimes wouldn’t look where he was going. He was also enjoying learning to ride his bike with daddy, which didn’t always go to plan either,  as you will see in the video later. 

He would love throwing the ball for Ebby & Elsa, He was so gentle, always greeting them with a pat and a stroke. He enjoyed feeding them breakfast… they absolutely loved his kind affection.

A welly, a bucket, a hat…. Some of the things used in desperation to catch Liam’s travel sick. There was even an instance when daddy went shopping and put Liam in the trolley to whizz him around the aisles for 15 minutes. It didn’t end well… needless to say the bag did not end up with just the shopping items in it! 

He liked to explore around the garden finding baby toads, insects, and anything of interest. He loved playing bat and ball and football in the garden. On one occasion Liam was in such a silly mood that he couldn’t help himself and he threw a dog poo bag over the neighbour’s fence. Thankfully, lovely Alison found it funny and accepted Liam’s sweet apology.’ Dog poo catch’ was no longer a game!

Liam loved the seaside and playing in the sand – he loved annual trips to Weston and Devon with family. You can imagine the disappointment on his face when this Summer on his holiday to Dorset, he was greeted with big pebbles.  Liam still managed to find a way to enjoy making a big, pebbled moat and an attempt at a pebble castle.

As you know or have heard, Liam was a truly special boy with a huge amount of love to give. We love him so much. He is dearly missed by us, his family and all who have known him. This tragic and sudden loss of Liam will mark us all and life will never be the same again. 

It is so hard for us adults to understand why Liam is no longer here, let alone for the younger ones. Ella, you were the closest person to Liam in many ways and due to your caring nature often protecting Liam as we would. You were so encouraging to him, he couldn’t have asked for a better sister. Ella, he loved you so much. 

For us left behind, a phrase that was one of Liam’s favourites is very apt: 

‘We can do this, mummy, and daddy! We can do this, Ella! We can do this, everybody!’

And to you, our gorgeous Liam, we say thank you for the love and happiness you gave us …until we meet again. 

To donate click here: Fundraiser by Andrew Carruthers : Supporting the family of Liam Ellis (gofundme.com)

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