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Pictures: Elvis and friends welcome the winter solstice sunrise


Winter Solstice was  ‘all shook up’ by  Elvis on the ancient escarpment of Selsley Common at 8.13 this morning.

The Rock and Roll  Legend made a rare appearance to greet sunrise on the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, the hibernal solstice.

Swinging his hips in his sparkling blue  Vegas suit  the winter sun was ‘rock and rolled’ over the Stroud Valley’s horizon. He was joined by Lindy Hoppers, and 70’s ‘Elvis’ groupies. The pre-historic people buried in the common’s Toots Long Barrow would no doubt approve as solstice was a vital moment in their farming year.

winter solstice 5 | Pictures: Elvis and friends welcome the winter solstice sunrise
‘Elvis’ impersonator Joe Reeve with 70’s ‘Elvis groupies’ Clare Honeyfield and Amy Brown from Stroud

The sunrise marks the start of the year’s shortest day. Actual solstice is at 21.48pm when earth’s tilt reaches its zenith and slowly tips back toward the sun  meaning longer days and marking the start of the slow return to summer.

‘Elvis’ (Stroud Elvis impersonator Joe Reeve) said: “Thank you ladies and gentlemen, uh huh…..”

In Elvis’s spectacular wake Pagans, Druids and tourists at Stonehenge and Avebury stone circles in Wiltshire will welcome the new solstice sunrise tomorrow, December 22nd.

Pictures Simon Pizzey

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