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Reinstatement of Uplands Post Office


Stroud Town Council has welcomed the reinstatement of Uplands Post Office as a post office in its own right, writes Marianne Sweet.

In 2008 Stroud became the first parish or town council in Britain to save a Post Office axed under the Government’s controversial Network Change programme. 

In a ground-breaking deal, the council provided more than £60,000 in grant funding to safeguard the service, which became a sub-office of Paganhill. 

Now it has been Uplands Post Office been refitted with a full new computer system and reinstated to the original Uplands Post Office.

“We have gone full circle, all thanks to Stroud Town Council,” said Post Master Robin Craig.

Councillor Camilla Hale, Deputy Mayor for Stroud, said: “When Uplands Post Office was threatened with closure Stroud Town Council stepped in to support the local residents who really valued its accessibility and excellent service.

“After winning a court case with the help of councillor John Marjoram, the post office in Uplands stayed open as a sub-office of Paganhill. 

“The Town Council arranged a service level agreement to help underpin the business. This was stopped by mutual agreement once the business was again on a firm footing.

“We are delighted that Uplands Post Office regains its full status and the businesses and residents of Uplands and Valley wards, as well as many other people, will continue to enjoy a truly local service.”

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