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Revealed: the most and least expensive places to buy a home in Stroud


A typical home in the post town of Stroud is now worth £342,000.

There are now no settlements in Stroud where a typical home costs less than £250,000. Ten years ago, this would have been enough to buy an average home in 12 of them.

The most expensive area is Rodborough Common, where a typical home costs over 3 times the £290,000 UK average. The most affordable area is Ebley.

House prices in Stroud average £342,000, but many properties in the area
command much higher valuations.

On the wealthiest street in Stroud, an average property is estimated to be worth £1,510,000, over 5 times the £290,000 national average house price.

The street with the largest properties in Stroud has an average house size of 3,150 square feet, over 3 times the 950 square feet average home.

The area where prices have risen the fastest is Rodborough, where the price of a typical home has risen by £164,000 over the past 10 years.

Settlements in Stroud

Rodborough Common£899,000+ 0.1%+ 69.6%
Amberley£764,000+ 0.1%+ 69.8%
Horsley£638,000+ 0.2%+ 69.7%
Painswick£597,000+ 0.5%+ 61.8%
Woodchester£544,000+ 0.4%+ 71.1%
Minchinhampton£539,000+ 0.4%+ 69.0%
North Woodchester£511,000– 0.2%+ 69.8%
Eastcombe£471,000+ 0.0%+ 69.4%
Bisley£458,000+ 0.7%+ 69.6%
Chalford Hill£445,000+ 0.2%+ 69.8%
Whiteshill£436,000– 0.5%+ 71.0%
Randwick£425,000– 0.9%+ 70.0%
Forest Green£415,000– 0.2%+ 69.4%
Bussage£397,000+ 0.3%+ 69.7%
Brimscombe£392,000– 0.3%+ 70.4%
Rodborough£390,000+ 0.3%+ 72.6%
Thrupp£385,000+ 0.3%+ 70.4%
Nailsworth£331,000+ 1.2%+ 66.3%
Kingscourt£312,000– 1.0%+ 71.4%
Chalford£304,000+ 1.7%+ 69.8%
Cashes Green£299,000– 0.7%+ 71.8%
Stroud£294,000+ 0.7%+ 69.9%
Ebley£285,000+ 1.4%+ 69.6%
Total Area£342,000+ 0.3%+ 69.3%

Data sources

Valuations are calculated by our Automated Valuation Model (AVM), which uses sold house prices published by HM Land Registry.

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