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School news: Stroud High


Stroud High school recently hosted an event on a global platform as part of the United Nations with a focus on the town of Stroud and its contributions towards sustainable futures.

The event enabled all panelists to discuss ‘The role of Young women in ensuring Climate Action’. As Stroud is one of the first Earth Protector towns we really enjoyed hearing the views of other local counsellors and campaigners.

The event was hosted by Sarah Tapscott (Assistant Headteacher at SHS) who proudly welcomed the first speaker Maisie Frisby (SHS), she spoke passionately about how the current generation of young women are continuously fighting to be taken seriously in the global effort toward reversing the climate crisis.

Kevin Cranston (Mayor of Stroud) focused on the difference Stroud’s gender-balanced council has made on the positive ethos of Stroud’s community and action towards climate justice. Helen Taylor (Forest Green Rovers, Ecotricity, One Blue Marble) spoke on promoting the importance of everyone voicing their passion and belief. Catharine Braun (Deputy Leader of Stroud District Council) spoke about Stroud’s Action plan and strategies to become carbon neutral by 2030.

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Sudha Srivastava (Education) highlighted the responsibility of role models, educating children on the challenges of climate change. Emma Pinchbeck (Chief Executive of Energy UK) voiced her concerns on the inequality of the effects of climate change on women internationally, emphasising how women and girls are the most at risk.

Olivia Robinson (Head of Eco at SHS) spoke about what the school is actively doing to become more sustainable and to reduce their community’s negative impact on the environment from fast fashion to tree planting.  

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