Sculpture raises awareness of plight of displaced children


The Everyman Theatre Cheltenham commissioned sculptor Natasha Houseago to create a monumental, totemic wood sculpture of a displaced girl as Gloucestershire’s way of celebrating ‘The Walk’ by Good Chance Theatre’s Amal puppet, which is raising awareness about the sited millions of displaced children around the world due to war, global warming and fall out from the pandemic. It also recognises the work of Gloucestershire Action for Refugees & Asylum Seekers (GARAS) and Cheltenham Welcomes Refugees (CWR).

The sculpture will be displayed at Gloucester Cathedral. Picture: Simon Pizzey.

The sculpture is made from a 200-year-old Wellingtonia tree from Nature in Art near Gloucester where the artist was in residence to carve the dramatic piece.

It will be on display in Gloucester Cathedral’s Lady Chapel from October 8th to 31st, before going to The Everyman Theatre then returning to Nature in Art and placed back on its original stump.

The sculpture is made from a Wellingtonia tree. Picture: Simon Pizzey.

Wellingtonia wood has a reddish hue and is naturally fire retardant. It is one of the softest woods in the world used for carving.

Sculptor Natasha said: “It has been a challenge and exciting carving this soft wood but I feel passionate about the subject. Monumental outdoor sculpture is a great vehicle for getting an important message across.”

Pictures by Simon Pizzey Simon Pizzey Photographer Simon Pizzey Photographer (

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