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Six new year’s resolutions for drivers


With data showing the most popular resolutions in 2019 and 2020 were improving fitness, losing weight and saving money, 2022 might be the year to set some new resolutions. 

Motorists who are tired of setting the same new year’s resolutions year on year should aim to use the new year to improve a vital part of their everyday lives, their cars.

The car leasing experts at LeaseElectricCar.co.uk are offering their six best resolutions for drivers in the new year. 

Drivers improving their habits on the roads and enhancing the condition of their cars will contribute to overall road safety for 2022. 

A spokesperson from LeaseElectricCar.co.uk said: “We really want to encourage motorists to be safer on the roads in 2022 and setting new year’s resolutions is a great way for drivers to reach that goal.

“Simple resolutions such as keeping up with maintenance and stopping bad driving habits can greatly contribute to safe driving and significantly improve road safety for the next year. It is our hope these resolutions will turn into habits and will stick around.”

Winter cleaning

Drivers known for hoarding old bags, wrappers and coffee cups in their motor should take the new year as an opportunity to keep a cleaner car. Messy motorists should set a goal to have a cleanout once a week during 2022 to improve overall driving happiness. 

Catch up on maintenance

During the year it is very easy to fall behind on motor upkeep and maintenance and the new year offers the perfect opportunity to catch up on those essential tasks. This resolution could include checking the fluids, ensuring all seat belts are working correctly and checking brake pads.

Take a road trip 

Romanticized in films and TV series alike, a road trip is a perfect way to thoroughly experience being a driver. Whether it is travelling to see a friend, family member or to an event, motorists should seek out adventure in 2022. 

Chill out

Motorists should aim to leave road rage behind in 2021 and aim to drive in a much more calm and collected manner in the new year. Often, taking a deep breath and analysing the situation can help, however, moody motorists who need extra help should find a safe place to stop their car. Take a few minutes outside to get some fresh air to avoid beeping, flashing or shouting at fellow drivers!

Learn to do basic maintenance

For any motorists tired of scheduling endless mechanic appointments and spending their time and energy at the garage, 2022 is the year to learn a few basic tricks to fix issues with their own hands. Handy drivers should start with something small and simple, such as replacing or fixing windscreen wipers and then work up to tasks such as changing the oil, checking the tyre pressure or changing the air filter. 

Work on driving etiquette

Distracted driving, as innocent as it can sometimes seem, can cause serious accidents on the roads. Bad habits which lead to distracted driving such as checking notifications on a mobile, eating and drinking, doing a quick check-up in the mirror or reaching across seats should be avoided when going into the new year. 


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