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Stroud chiropractor meets Sir Chris Whitty


Stroud chiropractor Richard Brown met up with Chief Medical Officer Professor Sir Chris Whitty this week at a high level meeting of the World Health Organization in Geneva.

Richard, who serves as the Secretary-General of the World Federation of Chiropractic, spoke with Sir Chris about a number of health issues. He said: “It was a privilege to personally thank Professor Whitty for his outstanding efforts on behalf of the nation over the past three years.

“As well as CMO, he remains a practising doctor and it is clear that he is passionate about patient care.”

This week sees the meeting of the Executive Board at WHO, which is attended by health care leaders, ambassadors and United Nations permanent mission staff. Richard continued: “My role here this year includes advocating for better access to rehabilitation services as well as meeting with WHO staff to talk about chiropractic and learn how we can better support their public health initiatives.”

Before taking on his Toronto-based role in 2015, for 20 years Richard owned and worked at the Lansdown Clinic in Stroud.

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