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Stroud MP delivers statement on living with covid after Boris Johnson ends all Covid-19 restrictions


Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie has reacted after Boris Johnson announced that all Covid-19 restrictions will be lifted on Thursday, February 24 as a part of his ‘Living with Covid’ plan.

This means that those who receive a positive Covid-19 test will still be advised to stay at home for at least five days, but will not be obliged to under law under the plans subject to parliamentary approval.

Statement from Siobhan Baillie

The Living with Covid Strategy allows the country to regain its freedoms and normality while making sure those who are vulnerable get the protection and support they need. I think this is a sensible step. 

We are thankfully miles away from the situation we found ourselves in when drastic state-led restrictions were considered necessary.  We have better treatment in the shape of antivirals, we have brilliant vaccines, we have experienced a less severe variant and we understand far more about the virus.

I understand some people are apprehensive and especially those who are vulnerable. Those who are immunosuppressed and over 75 will get a booster in the coming weeks. I also sought assurances from the Prime Minister in parliament yesterday that the most vulnerable will be supported.

We have simply reached a stage where we cannot continue with isolation rules that keep so many healthy people out of the workplace and putting pressures on businesses. We need a functioning economy and for Stroud to thrive to keep people in work and pay for the public services that we all use. We have economic growth and lots of jobs but we also have a squeeze on living costs. The best way to help families struggling with rising bills and costs is to do all we can to make sure economic growth continues and we recover from the pandemic.

We cannot achieve any of this with covid restrictions in place. I am grateful to everybody who has worked so hard to allow us the option to move forward in this way.

The guidance will continue to be that if you have covid that you should stay at home, I anticipate that people will be very cautious, particularly around the elderly and vulnerable.

Siobhan Baillie,

Stroud MP

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