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Stroud Town Council news: have your say


People can have a say on whether the blueprint for the heart of Stroud should include new policies to promote health habits, wellbeing, and biodiversity.

The Stroud town centre Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) forms part of the statutory development plan for the district of Stroud. It will shape the town centre – where we live, work, shop, visit, play, and more.

The plan, which was adopted by Stroud District Council in 2016, will be considered when planning applications are considered and planning proposals are made. The plan also contains action points, promotional policies and implementation measures. 

Now the Town Council is asking if policies to control the number of hot food takeaways, vape shops and bookmakers should be added to the NDP.

It also wants to know if people want the plan to include limitations on installing digital advertising signs in the town centre.

The Town Council, which is committed to be carbon neutral by 2030, is also considering strengthening the commitment to biodiversity. Currently the NDP includes a statement on biodiversity which does not have the same strength as a policy.

“The Neighbourhood Development Plan plays a significant role in what our town centre will look like in the future,” said Town Mayor Stella Parkes.

“It’s important that it truly reflects the wishes of the people of Stroud, so please take a few moments to share your thoughts on these possible additions.”

The consultation is open until July 30. You can find the NDP at https://stroudndplanreview.commonplace.is/ or https://www.stroudtown.gov.uk/neighbourhood-plan-review.html

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