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The Door Youth Project backs national mental health work commitment


The Door Youth Project in Stroud has announced that it has joined around 1,200 organisations across the country in signing up to the Mental Health at Work Commitment.

The commitment, which was launched by mental health charity MIND in October 2019, requires the upholding of 6 standards across the organisation – including prioritising mental health in the workplace, ensuring that work design and organisational culture drive positive mental health outcomes, and promoting an open culture around mental health, where our staff and volunteers are encouraged to talk about their mental health and know that ‘it’s OK not to be OK’.

“Much of our work as a charity involves engaging with the mental health issues that the young people and parents we support are struggling with,” said Dr Graham Gill, chief operating officer of The Door.

“Over the course over the last year of successive lockdowns, these issues have escalated massively, putting a lot of additional strain on our amazing team of staff and volunteers. They have been so willing to give out so much to those they support, that at times some of our staff have just been running on empty.  We need to ensure that they too receive the support that they need, whether that’s training such as Mental Health First Aid Training, formal pastoral support, or just networks of people they can talk to when they need it.  All in all, the wellbeing of our staff is vitally important to us.” 

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