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The Property Centre: give your pipes some love this winter


During the colder months, our home’s water pipes need a bit more warmth.

If frozen pipes expand or crack, it could lead to costly leaks and higher water bills which is something none of us desires. To prevent this from occurring take extra precautions when temperatures start dipping low.

Ensure your pipes are ready for winter this year by lagging them and wrapping your taps – it’s simple to do, plus you can get a free pipe lagging kit from Severn Trent (while stocks last).

Don’t let the cold weather cause any uncomfortable surprises – take action now before it’s too late. If you do find that your pipes have frozen, you’ll need to apply a little heat, such as a warm towel to melt the ice.

Don’t let blockages ruin your day

Recently, we’ve all been making delicious, comforting dishes that require extra sauces and gravy, meaning there is a greater possibility of fat, oils and grease getting washed down the sink.

During colder months, grease and food waste can rapidly clog neighbourhood drains. Avoid a messy situation by disposing of fat, oils, greases and leftovers in the bin instead of pouring them down your sink. Nobody enjoys dealing with blocked pipes so be sure to throw out leftover fats properly for an easier winter season.

Be sure to:

  • Give your plates and pans a good scrape before washing
  • Catch food waste in a sink strainer
  • Let kitchen nasties cool in a jar or tin before popping them in the bin

Doing this can protect your home from costly repairs this winter. 

The Property Centre team use their extensive local knowledge of Stroud and the Five Valleys to offer a personal, exceptional service to buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants alike. This means that when you choose The Property Centre, you’ll be giving yourself the greatest chance of selling or letting your home for the best possible price, as well as securing your ideal home to buy or rent onwards. 

If you’re thinking about selling, buying, letting or renting a property, contact The Property Centre’s Stroud team today. 

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