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Time to enlist some radical self-care


In amongst all the excitement of the lockdown ending, it is not unusual to experience feelings of overwhelm, writes Clare Honeyfield.

You may find yourself feeling unexpectedly completely stuck, unable to function or unable to make decisions. Or you might experience forgetfulness, exhaustion, uncharacteristic intolerance, or any other number of unwanted reactions to things just being ‘a bit much’

This is exactly the time to enlist some radical self-care. Getting enough sleep is always helpful, as is exercise, fresh air and nutrition. Eating a balanced diet and avoiding ‘hanger’ by having regular meal times as well as drinking enough water is also a game-changer.

In an age of consent, I’ve adopted the practice of asking people “are you hugging?” giving them the space to say “no” and not assuming that everyone is a hugger. And absolutely not taking it personally when friends change their minds about arrangements, because that way we all feel much more relaxed, and are more able to enjoy our times together.

One of the things the past year has taught me is to let go of expectations, raise my standards, look after myself better, and keep some time for myself to reflect, recharge and rest.

An uplifting playlist, some essential oil blends, bath salts, a chat with a friend, and your favourite healthy snack are a great ‘first aid kit’ to have on hand at the moment. A little self-care goes a long way towards being able to enjoy all of the rich experiences and fun times that lie ahead. And a little bit more self-awareness is a great incentive for change so we can do more of what we love, and be more patient and more compassionate.

It’s time to be the change we want to see in the world and to remember, we’ve all been through a lot and others might be feeling fragile too. Take a deep breath, count to 5, feel the ground beneath your feet and proceed with love. And know that the world needs you. 

Clare Honeyfield is a transformational coach who helps creative women entrepreneurs move through procrastination and blocks to success to build their dream lifestyle. You can find her on Instagram linkedin and fb.

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