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Trying to separate home from work? SpaceHoppers may have the answer


For more than a year we’ve been encouraged to ‘work from home where possible’. That might be a delicate balancing act for some households, but SpaceHoppers, a flexible co-working hub in Stroud, may have the solution.

Victoria Ashcroft, Vicky Ashcroft, Vix Ashcroft
Vix Ashcroft, owner of SpaceHoppers.

SpaceHoppers, off Slad Road, offers a number of options for people who prefer to leave the day-to-day distractions behind. Stroud Times’ Matt Bigwood spoke to owner Vix Ashcroft about the changing work/life balance as we try to adapt to a post-pandemic working plan.

SpaceHoppers Co-working is based at New Mills, Stroud.
SpaceHoppers is based at New Mills, Stroud.

Find more about SpaceHoppers here: SpaceHoppers (

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