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Uplands Primary win two medals in football tournament


By Crippy Cooke

UPLANDS Primary School picked up two medals in a local football tournament at Stonehouse on Wednesday, October 19, finishing runners-up in one age group and third in the other.

Atlas hosted a Small Schools’ Football Festival at Oldends Lane, featuring
Primary Schools from the district – Uplands, The Croft, Eastington, Longney,
Callowell, Horsley, Thrupp, Amberley, Cranham, Bisley Blue Coat,
Sheepscombe, Coaley, Woodchester and Whiteshill.

School Games Organiser James Jeffery ran the tournament and was aided by
coaches Ben Sheldrake, Joel Frost, Oli Thompson, Aimee Parsons, Jack Woods,
George Driver-Dickenson, Harrison Amey, Kim Mazzone and Joe Stanton.

The games were seven-a-side and shy of 10 minutes each. Teams would have
group matches before entering the knockout stages and would go on to fight
for medals or placement on the leaderboard based on their results.

A gender-mixed Uplands team (Eagles) containing Year Five and Year Six pupils breezed through the group stages to fight for a Gold medal in the final.

Unfortunately, the Eagles lost to a strong Callowell side that dominated the
competition, so they had to make do with Silver.

Uplands’ second team (Kestrels) was also gender-mixed and contained Year
Three and Year Four pupils. Kestrels progressed after winning two and drawing
two of their group games, but their points tally wasn’t enough to challenge for
a Gold medal. Instead, they faced Thrupp for Bronze and came out victorious.
HLTA Jessica Knight managed Kestrels while head-teacher James Powell took
charge of Eagles, and both were delighted to see their teams come away with

A player from the bronze medal-winning side praised their efforts at the
Football Festival, saying: “Uplands are good footballers and work well as a
team. I really enjoyed my day.”


Year 3/4 Leaderboard: 1 st Woodchester, 2 nd Amberley, 3 rd Uplands, 4 th Thrupp, 5 th Horsley, 6 th Eastington1, 7 th Callowell, 8 th Longney, 9 th Eastington2, 10 th The Croft.

Year 5/6 Leaderboard: 1 st Callowell, 2 nd Uplands, 3 rd The Croft, 4 th Woodchester, 5 th Horsley, 6 th Thrupp, 7 th Cranham, 8 th Bisley Blue Coat, 9 th Sheepscombe, 10 th Coaley, 11 th Longney, 12 th Whiteshill.

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