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Weddings 2022: Tips for a sustainable wedding


Loved-up Brits looking to tie the knot are being given tips on how to have a sustainable wedding.

With the world becoming more environmentally conscious, ethical jewellery brand Ingle & Rhode are providing advice on how to have an eco-friendly wedding.

Weddings are a special day and by no means should people compromise on the things they want on their big day.

However, for those who are interested in having a more sustainable wedding, it’s good to know that this doesn’t mean compromising on the beauty of your big day – it just requires more planning and patience.

A spokesperson for Ingle & Rhode said: “We’re very passionate about ethical sourcing and we know through our customers that there are so many people out there who are interested in the idea of having a more sustainable wedding.

“Weddings often include a lot of single-use items wrapped in plastic which of course isn’t great for our environment.

“People will assume a sustainable wedding won’t be as luxurious but it’s all about knowing where your products come from and where they go after you’ve used them – you shouldn’t have to compromise when looking for luxury items with a clear conscience.

“Ethically sourced products look beautiful and there are a lot of small changes you can make like switching confetti for petal confetti and using rice paper lanterns.

“We really hope that this will encourage people to have more sustainable weddings in the future.”

How to plan a sustainable wedding:

  1. Think about the distance to your venue

If you’re hoping to make your wedding environmentally friendly, it’s a good idea to consider how far you and your guests will be travelling when you come to choosing venues.

Of course having a destination wedding abroad means travelling by plane which as we all know, lets off plenty of harmful emissions.

Similarly, getting married in a remote and distant location may mean more driving for your guests.

  1. Consider travelling options for your guests

It is your big day after all, so if you do end up choosing a location that is further out or a bit harder to get to, why not plan the journey for your guests.

Hiring a coach for long journeys will be better for the environment than all of your guests taking a car each. And the added bonus to this is that your family and friends will probably have a lot of fun on the journey there and back together too.

  1. Switch out your decor

You can actually get a lot of beautiful decor that is environmentally friendly. For example using bamboo wood and switching out balloons for rice paper lanterns will give your wedding a warm feel to it.

  1. Use petal confetti

Confetti is not biodegradable and after being used not only is it harmful to the planet but it’s harmful to wildlife too as some animals may end up eating it. Using petal confetti is a much better option and its gorgeous, light colours end up looking better than regular confetti.

  1. Fashion

For couples who want to go fully sustainable, it’s good to know that there are ethical bridal designers out there. When purchasing your wedding dress or suit, take some time to research where your fabrics are coming from, look into how workers are being treated and see if it aligns with your values.

When it comes to jewellery, Ingle & Rhode have beautifully crafted rings that come from an ethical background so you can enjoy luxury products with a clear conscience.

  1. Invites

Depending on the size of your wedding you may find yourself sending out a lot of invites. Whilst some people may be okay scrapping invites altogether and switching to online invitations, most people will want something tangible to send out and have as a keepsake memory after the big day.

Try getting your invites done by someone who uses bamboo material or plantable paper. Not only is this sustainable but it also gives your guests something fun and quirky to do with the invitation after!

  1. Flowers

Another key part of a wedding is the flowers. For a more ethical take, try finding a florist that will use seasonal flowers as opposed to flowers which have been grown out of season and imported across the world.

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