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Why Green council candidates believe in trade unions


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Stroud’s annual May Day rally and procession on Saturday, May 4, organised by Stroud & District Trades Council, will be a cross-party show of solidarity with trade unionists and in support of workers’ rights.

The concept of unions is very much aligned with the Green Party’s ethos of participatory democracy and many of the party’s candidates for the district council elections belong to unions.

1 madelaine at demohatsApp Image 2024 04 26 at 11.31.01 | Why Green council candidates believe in trade unions
Madelaine Maraboli-Roman, Green candidate for Stonehouse, with the PCS contingent at a national strike in London last year.

Two of them explain why solidarity with other workers is so important. 

3 made and carol | Why Green council candidates believe in trade unions
Madelaine with fellow Stonehouse candidate Carol Kambites, who was also a union member before she retired.

Madelaine Maraboli-Roman, Green Party candidate for Stonehouse, is a member of the Public and Commercial Services Union and the Stroud District Trades Council. She is very involved in the Right to Strike movement and is passionate about workers’ rights and working conditions.

“Ensuring financial equity for all workers will ultimately improve life for everyone,” she says. “Money and resources need to be more fairly distributed globally.”

6 MG 1096 | Why Green council candidates believe in trade unions
James believes that social justice and environmental justice go hand in hand, and as well as his union activities runs environment-related activities for his pupils.

She is active in Equality, Diversity & Inclusivity projects within the civil service, where she helps support victims of bullying, discrimination, and harassment. She is a particular supporter of women’s rights and equality. “If we can achieve sexual equality, all other issues with equality will be within our grasp,” she says. 

James Boyle, Green Party candidate for Chalford, is a workplace representative for the National Education Union at the local secondary school where he teaches.

His vision for a better world is one where there is more justice and equality. He says: “From corporate greed to the mainstreaming of neo-liberal attitudes, I fear that the gap between the haves and have-nots in the UK will widen further, fuelled by scapegoating of the most vulnerable in society.” 

Both Madelaine and James believe that their vision of equality can be at least partly addressed by union membership, as unions give people the chance to work together to maintain and improve working conditions for everyone’s benefit. 

2 4 | Why Green council candidates believe in trade unions
James Boyle, Green candidate for Chalford.

James explains why he believes unions are so important. “Last year, teachers and support staff were forced to take strike action to ensure that the education of our children was a priority for the government, at a time when the cost-of-living crisis was hitting everyone. 

7 danae savvidou 1 | Why Green council candidates believe in trade unions
Danae Savvidou, Green candidate for Dursley, at the Right to Strike event in Cheltenham this spring.

“The wide-reaching support from parents and the public shows that people see the importance of unions and organised workers, to ensure we all get a fair deal and create a society we can all benefit from.” 

Danae Savvidou, Green candidates for Dursley, is also an active trade unionist, being a member of Unite. 

Details of the Stroud May Day rally: https://www.facebook.com/events/724440919829606/

Promoted by Rob Brookes on behalf of Stroud District Green Party, at 17 Great George Street, Bristol BS1 5QT

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