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Wild boar spotted on the loose in Nailsworth


A wild boar has been spotted on the loose in Nailsworth, this evening.

A motorist, who wished not to be named, contacted Stroud Times after spotting the hog on the Ladder track, which runs alongside the W in Nailsworth.

“I was coming into Nailsworth at just after 5pm when I spotted the boar scampering up the track known as the Ladder – I couldn’t believe it and haven’t heard of any boars in this part of the district before,” said the startled motorist.

An estimated 2,600 animals are now living wild in several breeding populations. The largest of these is in the Forest of Dean.

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The track where a wild boar was spotted

Wild boar are common on mainland Europe, with an estimated population of several million.

Wild boar have powerful neck muscles and a long snout allow the animals to plough through the ground in search of food.

Boar should always be treated with caution. Normally they will flee from people, but can be aggressive if they feel threatened, especially females with young. Dogs should be kept on leads in woods where boar are known to be present. If you encounter a wild boar, the best advice is to move away slowly in the opposite direction.

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