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Wim Hof’s YouTube clip acts as business inspiration for Stroud woman


Watching a YouTube clip of “Iceman” Wim Hof paved the way for a Stroud woman to start her own cold water therapy business.

Emma Callaghin has recently opened White Ice Therapy at Fifth Dimension Health and Fitness Club in Ebley and watching the celebrity mindfulness coach acted as the new business catalyst.

“The first time we heard about cold water therapy was on YouTube watching Wim Hof and we saw there was definitely a gap in the market, especially in Stroud,” said Emma, a mum of four, who is originally from Guernsey.

Emma is certainly an advocate of cold water therapy after her husband suffered a farming accident.

She added: “Three years ago my husband had a bad farming accident that left him handicapped in the workplace for a long time, and also from not working he developed bad anxiety and depression. He really does not like severe medical intervention and really tries to restrict how many tablets and medication he takes and after seeing that cold water could help with not only the pain but the mental side of his injury he decided every morning in the shower to blast cold water on the pain area. Also any chance he got to go in the sea or any cold fresh water he did. We both strongly believe this has heavily aided his recovery.”

Yael Hochenberg, a Transformational Breath Facilitator and Nia Dance teacher enjoyed three consecutive ice baths at Fifth Dimension and lauded the impact it had on her after visiting Wim Hoff in person earlier this month, she said: “I felt very serene in body, mind and my emotions felt in ease, energised and vital. Consciously connecting the breath and breathing in the ice tub is absolute key.”

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