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Author releases second book


Author Merilyn Brason has published her second book, ‘Crossing the Rift’. 

Following the great success of her first book, ‘The Bamboo Bracelet’ three years ago, Merilyn  continues to introduce us to her family of unusual and intrepid women and their true stories. Whilst  ‘The Bamboo Bracelet’ followed Merilyn’s mother, Ronny’s, experience of barely surviving WWII in  Japanese Prisoner of War camps in the Philippines where she gave birth and raised her daughter, this  new book introduces us to Merilyn’s grandmother. 

In ‘Crossing the Rift’, Elf, aged 64, was helping the WWII effort in South Africa, when she felt impelled  to pack her worldly goods and travel overland up the entire continent of Africa from Cape Town to  Palestine, on her own, to reunite with her unsuspecting husband. This was a journey of over 6,814  visually stunning but severely challenging miles. Based on Elf’s actual journals, Merilyn explores her extraordinary route whilst, in parallel, unveiling her former Edwardian life spent around Stroud and  Painswick. Elf’s Cotswold background is as fascinating a glimpse into the trials of life in this local  bygone era, as the fauna and flora of her African adventure.

Original local photographs, newspaper  cuttings and African maps illustrate this attractive book.

Crossing the Rift by Merilyn Brason can be ordered from any book shop. ISBN 978 180514 067 2.

Alternatively, Merilyn can post directly to customers a personally signed copy of the book for the sum of £16 . Customers wishing for this service need to email: merilyn@merilynbrason.co.uk.

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