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Brimscombe Port investigation reveals no ‘significant’ release of asbestos fibres


An asbestos health scare at Brimscombe Port did not pose a risk to public health, according to the Health and Safety Executive.       

Last month, Stroud Times reported concerns when parents at nearby Brimscombe Primary School released video footage that showed contractors disposing of asbestos from the roof of the former port industrial site.

All work on removing asbestos from the site was paused on December 16 and the site closed on December 22 after it came to light that the approved method of removal was not being followed.

The statement said: “The Health and Safety Executive has concluded that unplanned action by an excavator operative did not result in a significant release of asbestos fibres to the local area and there was little or no risk to people outside the site boundary.

“The HSE is satisfied with how the contractor responded and HSE is planning no further action.

“Stroud District Council’s independent asbestos specialist has made recommendations which the contractor is acting on.

“Demolition works excluding asbestos removal have recommenced, with the removal of asbestos starting once an amended plan of works is agreed, taking into account recommendations from the investigations.”

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