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Busy 2024 for Chalford author


Chalford author, Sarah Edghill, has three new books coming out this year, the first of which, Memory Road, was published last week.

Memory Road tells the story of Lily who, despite knowing it’s a mad idea, agrees to take her elderly mother on one last road trip around the UK. The trip will be challenging because Lily’s mother can no longer be described as ‘just a bit forgetful’: Moira has started talking to imaginary friends and singing Abba songs in public, and last week she began emptying boxes of cereal onto the floor in the supermarket. 

Memory Road Square 3 | Busy 2024 for Chalford author

Lily is worried and embarrassed by her mother’s behaviour but, despite her recent dementia diagnosis, Moira is happy – albeit in a sweary sort of way – and insists the journey will help her write a memoir. As they trundle across the country in an ancient VW campervan, Lily feels the strain as she struggles to deal with her mother’s decline, her own daughter’s criticism and her ex-husband’s upcoming wedding plans to a younger woman. One night, leaving Moira alone in the hotel, Lily meets a man in a bar and, for the first time in years, she feels alive.

Sarah’s previous books have been domestic dramas, but Memory Road is a lighter read. “It’s definitely a bit of a departure for me,” explains Sarah. 

“I’m describing it as a romcom with attitude! The story touches on some difficult subjects – including dementia, and strained mother and daughter relationships – but ultimately it’s an uplifting read with a lot of humour. I loved writing about Moira – she’s feisty and funny and has to be one of my favourite characters.”

Memory Road is published by Bloodhound Books and available through Amazon on geni.us/memoryroad (as both a paperback and an e-book). Signed copies are available at the Middle Hill Farm Shop in Chalford Hill and the Chalford Village Shop and copies can also be ordered through bookshops.

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