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Canine companions help men open up


Stroud men have the opportunity to join a dog walking group to help them open up about their emotions.

Kieran Yarwood has in the past struggled with anxiety and is using the Dudes & Dogs to create a space where men could relax and talk about how they feel.

Kieran’s own dog, Lulu, a Golden Retriever, has been salvation in helping him come to terms with his problems, he said: “I am all too aware of the effects mental health conditions have on people, from my own social anxiety and from others I know, with much more severe issues.

“I have seen how something like that can manifest itself, in someone close to me, and I want to do what I can to help others in similar situations.

“With Lulu by my side, I will be leading small groups of men on walks, with an opportunity to discuss anything from the weather or how beautiful my dog is, to their deepest, most closely guarded issues.

“Mental health struggles are at a deeply troubling high, so we want to do what we can to address those, with the Dudes recipe that works so well!

“Following a surge in interest for the Gloucester walks I was co-hosting, these Stroud walks have been added, which I will now be hosting, the walks are limited to six and you don’t have to bring a dog.”

Walks start this Saturday, 10am at the Grove, Selsley Common, then 10 am every Sunday in May and are free of charge by registering at  https://dudesndogs.co.uk/pages/walks.


– A link to a recent interview with the Dudes and Dogs founder, Rob Osman: https://dudesndogs.co.uk/blog/f/shining-a-light-on-mens-minds
– A blog about Lulu, the star of these new Stroud walks: https://dudesndogs.co.uk/blogs/walks/how-i-adopted-my-dream-dog-and-how-she-affects-my-life

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