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Clare Honeyfield on celebrating 25 years in business and overcoming shyness


I’m celebrating 25 years in business with recognition and gratitude for everything I’ve learned over the years and all the ways I’ve grown as a person.

At the first ever Stroud farmers’ market I didn’t want to be in the photograph with Isabella Blow and Jasper Conran because I was so shy! 

Here are my top lessons in life

  1. Standards are everything. 

Raise your standards and watch your life and business grow. The higher your standards, the higher the standards of those who want to hang out with you, who want to do business with you and who want to collaborate with you.

  1. Business is a spiritual experience.

Tony Robbins taught me this, and it’s true. The better my internal world, the better my business world. 

  1. Health is wealth

Without our health we have nothing, so if we are fortunate enough to be in good health, let’s do every wholesome thing to keep it that way. Drink more water, move more, eat better. Thank you Jeff Lobeck for instilling this in me. 

  1. Mindset is the secret to success 

Most businesses don’t last the first year. Most people give up before the magic happens. Massive focus and clarity coupled with action are the recipe for continuing when times get tough – and for sure times will get tough.

  1. If you want to raise your value, raise your vibration 

Turns out the hippies were right on this one. Everyone wants to be around the good vibes. 

  1. Contribution is the fastest way to happiness

Nothing in life is going to make you feel better than helping other people 

  1. Only spend what you have

As one of my mentors Mike Staunton always reminds me, you can earn £1 million a year. If you spend £1 million and £1 a year, you are skint. Know your numbers, budget, sacrifice to win. 

  1. Only give from your saucer

A lovely one from Eloise Burton. Wait until your cup is overflowing, then give from your saucer. Self-care is essential to prevent burnout and being an entrepreneur is full-on!

  1. It’s not forever, it’s just for now – Helen Tudor’s philosophy on making business decisions around branding and marketing 

This is so helpful when manifesting soul clients!! 

  1. Values values values

Something I learned from Jean Pierre de Villiers. Know your top 5 values, review them regularly, live in them 100%. Repeat. 

  1. Stop caring about the opinions of others

“What other people think of me is none of my business” Not always easy but always useful to know.

  1. Welcome criticism 

Maybe it’s valuable feedback, maybe it’s nonsense. Thank them anyway. Move on. 

  1. Mentors and coaches can help you ‘collapse time’

Find people who have achieved what you desire in life, follow them on social media, learn from them, attend their events and training, have coaches and mentors. You can learn in a year from a mentor what would take you 15 years to figure out yourself. 

  1. Stop trying to fit in 

Miles Grant always quotes his mum as saying “why fit in when you can stand out?” Why indeed! 

  1. Your ideal clients are out there waiting to hear from you 

Put yourself out there, believe in yourself and stop caring about how you look. A great thing I learned from Alex Roseman. 

  1. People are going to copy you 

But no one is ever going to be you. As an ‘ideas person’, you are always several steps ahead. Keep going

  1. Never settle 

It’s a journey not a destination. Enjoy the ride!! 

  1. Never ever ever give up

I believe in you!!!!! 

Clare Honeyfield is a high-performance coach working with creators, change-makers and rule-breakers for a better world. 

 Clare is the founder of “All Networking”, “Small Talk at the Long Table”,  Stroud Farmers’ Market, The Made in Stroud Shop, author of ‘Artisan Stroud’ and best selling co-author of “Your Best Life” www.clarehoneyfield.co.uk

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