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Poignant display marks the deaths of 15,000 children in Gaza conflict


The Sub Rooms forecourt was covered with hundreds of sets of children’s clothes to mark the deaths of children killed in the Israel-Gaza conflict.

A group of women from different faiths, race and backgrounds met on International Women’s Day and decided they would mark the 15,000 children killed in the Israel-Gaza conflict by displaying donated children’s clothes.

Today at Stroud Subscription Rooms, 800 sets of clothes were on display. “We know that 36 children were killed on the 7th of October and since then, in those eight months, over 15,000 children have lost their lives,” said Kate Linnegar, one of the organisers of the installation.

“We wanted to do something to remember these children because all children are innocent. We decided that we do the clothes memorials so people would look and reflect and think, oh, my nephew is that sort of size? And oh, I’ve got children of that age.

Childrens Clothes Memorial 8 | Poignant display marks the deaths of 15,000 children in Gaza conflict
Lizzie Fletcher, one of the organisers, surrounded by clothes.

“We’ve had a lot of people stop and they are in tears because it’s very emotive.”

The art installation had previously been shown in Swindon and Gloucester where 2,500 items of clothing were on show.

Pictures and video by Matt Bigwood

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