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Clare Honeyfield: Successful people do consistently what most people do occasionally


Successful people do consistently what most people do occasionally. 

But do what?

That’s where coaching has come in for me.

Working with coaches and mentors has been a total game changer for me over the past decade.

Becoming crystal clear on my values and what aligns with me helps in my decision making.

Identifying where I actually am in the 5 main areas of life, where I want to be in a year or 3 years, writing my Life MAP (Massive Action Plan) and identifying the strategies I need to put into place. And then consistently doing what I said I would.

This requires sacrifice, focus and clarity. One of the things I’ve given up is any interest in the opinions of others. If someone isn’t where I want to be, their opinion of me is none of my business. I’ve also given up being everywhere doing everything. Deciding what is important to me and prioritising that. 

If I had waited for motivation I would still be in the planning phase. It’s all about taking decisive action, showing up, and trusting the process. Being willing to get it wrong, knowing that I will never learn if I don’t start. Being brave and never giving up. 

In fact, the reason most people don’t achieve what they want in life is because they give up before the magic happens. 

In case no one told you today, I believe in you.

Clare x 

Clare Honeyfield is a high-performance coach and yoga teacher working with change-makers, creators and rule-breakers for a better world.  Clare is the founder of Small Talk at the Long Table, ‘All Stroud’ Networking, Stroud farmers’ market, The Made in Stroud Shop and author of ‘Artisan Stroud’.

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