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Globetrotting Stroudies release second E-cookbook


Jess and Dan Saunders, AKA our globetrotting Stroudies, Vegan Punks, have just released their second E-cookbook.

Entitled Vegan Thai Food Made Easy the book features 24 original recipes inspired by their travels in Thailand.

The blog Vegan Punks has been running since 2018, and has been bringing easy-to-make delicious vegan food to the masses ever since. 

Their tagline is Simple Vegan Recipes from Around the World and they don’t disappoint! 30,000 people (and growing) read their blog per month, and they’re always coming back for more. 

However, running a food blog is no easy feat! It may sound easy – snap a few pics of your dinner and write down the ingredients, but it’s so much more than that.

Before a recipe is created, there’s research to be done into the recipe, its ingredients, keyword research for Google (because there’s no point in writing a recipe if no one can find it) and even considerations for how the photographs will look in the end. And that’s before writing the blog post and promoting it on social media.

DSC 0974 min | Globetrotting Stroudies release second E-cookbook

Jess said: “Running our blog is a big passion project and something that we hope to do full time one day in the future. Our readers make it all worthwhile. When we write a new recipe and someone makes it and leaves a review on our blog, we honestly do a little happy dance every time. We’ve even received messages saying that we’ve helped people go vegan too, which is always a win.”

The recipes aren’t just for vegans though. Jess and Dan create accessible recipes that are so delicious everyone will love them.

DSC 0506 | Globetrotting Stroudies release second E-cookbook

Support their work by checking out their new e-cookbook, and use the discount code ’stroudtimes20’ to get 20% off.

And if you’re looking for even more inspiration, some of their latest recipes include a Vegan Mi Goreng, Nasi Goreng and even a Jackfruit Rendang – perfect for a spot of weekend cooking.

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