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In pictures: Kaleidoscope Eyes exhibition


Stroud artist Lucy Inder is staging her first solo exhibition, Kaleidoscope Eyes, at Stroud Valley Artspace’s gallery in John Street, Stroud.

“I love colour, it feeds my soul. Walking through the hills and valleys is a feast of hues and patterns,” explained Lucy.

“Painting has enabled me to build my own language of expression, creating marks and layers of colour and texture to describe the views which shape my life.

PIZZE 26 11 2022 7 | In pictures: Kaleidoscope Eyes exhibition

“Walking across the commons looking into the distance I see the river which gives me a sense of context and location on the map. I find shapes which sing out to me like jewels of colour.”

The exhibition is open this week, Wednesday, November 30th to Sunday, December 4th, 10am – 3pm, and Good Will Evening Friday, 10-3pm and 6-9pm.

Find Lucy on Instagram @lucyinder2018 or her website

Pictures by Simon Pizzey

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