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Letter to the editor: closure of gates at Rowcroft Surgery


Dear Editor,

For some years now the gate to the steps by Rowcroft Medical Centre have been left open and they have been used as a thoroughfare for people travelling between Merrywalks and the town centre. 

Unfortunately earlier in the year, the surgeries’ electricity bill was increased threefold due to the increases in energy bills.  Since the bill has increased we made a decision to continue to light the steps area overnight as the alternate access to town (via Rowcroft Retreat) was closed due to building work. 

Now, this is over and the road is open we are going to have to start turning off our lighting overnight. 

DSC07680 | Letter to the editor: closure of gates at Rowcroft Surgery
The gates near Rowcroft Medical Centre.

Unfortunately, due to the risk of accidents in the dark, this does mean that we will need to lock the gate at the top of our building (accessed via the pathway between the Rowcroft Dental Practice and Lloyds Bank) when the surgery is not open.  We know this will be frustrating for those who use the steps but, with the current increase in our electricity charges, we do not have any choice.

We will be putting warning signs at the top and bottom of the steps so people become aware of the change.

Karen Pitney

Practice Manager

Rowcroft Medical Centre

Rowcroft Retreat


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