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Letter to the Editor: we deserve an apology after Katie Hopkins appears in Whiteshill pub


Dear Editor,

I am a Whiteshill resident and would like to make my views known regarding the appearance of Katie Hopkins in our local pub, The Star Inn, last Thursday. 

The pub offered Ms Hopkins a venue after her gigs were pulled by at least two venues in Stroud following a petition and protests. I and many of my neighbours are mortified, and highly concerned, that this event took place here. Katie Hopkins is an extremist and has been banned from Twitter (‘X’) for inciting hatred. 

To be censored by that platform is quite a ‘high bar’ to reach. Her ‘comedy gigs’ show her cloaking hate speech as humour, which contributes to normalising and mainstreaming often murderous and anti-inclusive views.

I don’t believe you can justify what she has to offer on grounds of free speech. Her views and her expression of those views, is essentially malicious. I really hope the publican recognises this and apologises to their community.  

Adrian Lukes,


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