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Minchinhampton therapist to host spa area at COP 26


A holistic therapist from Minchinhampton has been given the opportunity to host a spa area at the COP 26 United Nations climate conference.

Director and Owner of Cotswold Spa, Giulia Holland will be working with delegates from Global indigenous communities, representatives from the Global South, who are being directly affected by climate change, and pilgrims from the British Isles who have walked the land, from Isle of wight to Scotland to have their voices heard at COP 26 United Nations climate change Conference.

No stranger to working alongside indigenous leaders and representatives of local communities involving biodiversity and grassroots development, Giulia said: “I consider myself as part of the tribe, meaning those people who are connected to the land; and every tribe needs its healers. 

PHOTO 2021 10 14 16 09 12 | Minchinhampton therapist to host spa area at COP 26

“I am called to COP26 to witness for myself and get informed. I am looking for inspiration for the future, and have an indigenous soul yearning for wholeness. I want those people who have been working for climate change over the last 30 years to feel supported in what they do – body, mind, and spirit.”

If you’d like to be part of the change and give thanks to the people at the forefront, standing up for nature and our future please donate to the crowdfunder below.


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