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New community group to stage art exhibition


Stroud ADHD is a newly established community peer group, offering support to local people who have ADHD. The group meets twice a month for coffee and chat, providing valuable space to explore how ADHD impacts people and exchange ideas on coping strategies.

“Many of our group are creative people, in a variety of mediums, we thought it would be great to have an exhibition of art works from adults and children with ADHD, reflecting their individual experiences of ADHD and to meet our fellow ADHD community members,” explained Kristie Bendall. 

“It’s hoped that this will also raise awareness of our group and to inform others of the intricacies of ADHD.”

Anyone who has ADHD is welcome to submit artwork and should contact or join Stroud District Adults with ADHD – Support and Social Group

The exhibition will be held at the Lansdown Gallery, Wed 13th – Sun 17th July. Please see the website for opening times and artwork submission details.

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