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Reggie Kray prison letters to be sold at auction


A collection of letters written by Reggie Kray in prison will be auctioned off at John Rolfe Auctions, Tetbury, Gloucestershire.

Kray, who with his twin brother, Ronnie, carved out an infamous East End crime empire through their gang the Firm in the 1950s and 60s, wrote the letters at HM Prison Maidstone and HMP Blundeston between 1988 and 1991, while serving a life sentence for murder.

Reg Kray photo | Reggie Kray prison letters to be sold at auction

Perhaps Britain’s most famous gangsters, auctioneer John Rolfe will put the letters under the hammer during a three-day auction from February 10th-13th.

Auctioneer John Rolfe said: “Reggie Kray wrote a series of letters from prison to a gentleman named Peter Gerard from his time at HMP Maidstone.

John Rolfe Auctions 5 | Reggie Kray prison letters to be sold at auction
Letters written by Reggie Kray whilst he was in prison, serving a life sentence for murder, will go under the hammer at John Rolfe Auctions in Gloucestershire. Included in the lot is a business card belonging to the twins’ father, and a signed photo of Reggie Kray.

“We have a further letter and that’s from HMP Blundeston and a signed photograph of Reggie lifting some weights and looking quite hunky,” added Mr Rolfe, who is based at Hangar One, Babdown Airfield.

Also in the Kray collection is a business card used by Reggie’s father Charles, who was a wardrobe and jewellery dealer.

John Rolfe Auctions 2 | Reggie Kray prison letters to be sold at auction
John Rolfe (left) and Alex Hickman, valuer at John Rolfe Auctions, with illuminated Mary Poppins umbrellas which were used in the opening ceremony of 2012 London Olympic Games.

In an eclectic mix, the auction will also feature a pair of daleks from the BBC’s long-running science fiction series Doctor Who and a light-up Mary Poppins umbrella that was used in the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympics, directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Danny Boyle.

Kray business card | Reggie Kray prison letters to be sold at auction

For more details on John Rolfe’s auction visit https://www.johnrolfeauctions.com/

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