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Start writing poetry in person at the Trinity Rooms


After the success of his first course at Stroud’s Trinity Rooms, which began in January and finishes in March, poet Adam Horovitz will be running two consecutive workshops at the community venue on Tuesday and Wednesday nights from April 16th and 17th. 

On these 10 week courses, participants will be invited to explore the writing of poetry, offering ways in to writing for new writers and fresh sources of inspiration for people who have need of a jump start to the muse.  Adam will guide two groups through the tangled landscape of getting started, or bump-started after a long hiatus, writing poetry, and furthering the art of writing poetry.

“The courses will suit beginners, improvers and anyone seeking a burst of fresh inspiration,” says Adam. “Each two hour session over the ten weeks will include workshop prompts, discussion and constructive critique of writing generated on the night and of poems brought in or written as part of the previous week’s homework.”

The Tuesday night sessions are suitable for people returning after the course that started in January 2024, as well as for anyone feeling a little more confident in their writing. The Wednesday evening sessions are suitable for everyone from beginners on up.

Each course costs £100 for ten weeks. There are also two concessionary places available, priced £50, on each course. 

The courses take place in person at the Trinity Rooms, Field Road, Stroud, Gloucestershire, GL5 2HZ. The first course runs from Tuesday 16th April to 18th June between 7.30pm and 9.30pm. The second course runs from Wednesday 17th April to 19th June between 5pm and 7pm. 

For more information, and to book, visit https://bitly.ws/32Bmj

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