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Stories to inspire positive change


As part of Stroud Book Festival, Hawthorn Press is celebrating the publication of Small Steps to Less WasteStories to Inspire Change, published in 2021 by Stroud-based Quickthorn an imprint of Hawthorn Press.

The book tells the stories of 12 local people who found unique and wonderful ways to ditch the plastic, repurpose and mend clothes, run repair cafes and organise community workshops.

Meet the author Claudi Williams (Stroud District Action on Plastic) whose family banished most plastics from their lives, and contributor Kath Child (Atelier Stroud) who runs a community and makers space with an agenda for sustainability. There’s sure to be lively discussion and will also demonstrate simple cleaning recipes from the book and show exhibits from some of the contributors.

Venue: Atelier Stroud, 3–4pm Sat 6 Nov. Tickets £5 

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