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Stroud Camera Club do battle in the Forest


Newent Camera Club hosted an annual inter-club ‘battle’ between Newent, Forest of Dean and Stroud Camera Clubs with Aleks Gjika judging 10 prints and 10 digitally projected images from each club.

Round one saw the prints being judged, with some very impressive images from all three clubs, but the Forest of Dean Camera Club had the strongest set of images overall and held an impressive five-point lead at the half-way point with Stroud trailing by eight points in third place.

After a short break, judging of the digitally projected images started with some early high scorers for Stroud giving hope they might be back in the ‘battle’.

Twenty points for Guardian of the Galaxy by Leslie Holmes was Stroud’s top image of the evening with three other images only just missing out on top points.

Waxing Gibbous ...SCC 2 | Stroud Camera Club do battle in the Forest
Waxing Gibbous Moon by Brian Johns.

Could Stroud dare to dream of pulling off the greatest come-back since Liverpool’s defeat of AC Milan in 2005?

With all hanging on the last image, Brian Johns’ Waxing Gibbous Moon, Stroud needed a very respectable score of 17 to tie.  After an agonising critique, Aleks awarded a score of 19 securing Stroud’s two-from-two battles win of the season.  

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