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Stroud MP raises Archway School repair issues with the Government


Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie is to write to the education minister to see if classrooms at Archway School can be assessed for refurbishment.

Siobhan said she would take action after visiting the school in Paganhill to meet headteacher Kieron Smith and Chair of Governors Anne-Marie Delrosa.

Some of the older buildings with flat roofs and cladding need repair and the last assessment was five years ago.  The government has supported improvements for other local schools in the meantime.  

Siobhan promised to write to the minister in charge of the school system, Baroness Berridge, to find out more information so that Archway can make a plan.

Siobhan also heard Archway has had discussions with the local community and Stroud District Council about a proposed 3D AstroTurf pitch. This would be used by the students and the local community in the evenings and weekends so it is an exciting project. 

“The standard of a school’s estate is incredibly important to teachers and pupils and some of Archway school’s buildings need work,” said Siobhan.

“I will write to the minister to find out assessment timelines for the school and hopefully start the process of seeing what can be done.

“Thank you to the head and the chair of governors for inviting me. Archway is clearly a really wonderful school that cares about the education of its pupils and wants to invest in their futures. 

“I was also pleased to hear they have students in the England softball team and I very much support the plan for an AstroTurf pitch. To help, I will contact the Football Foundation about financially backing the AstroTurf for school.”

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