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‘Utter mindlessness’ – outrage over vandalism in park


Vandals have carried out extensive damage at Bank Gardens in Stroud.

Walls were smashed leaving large stonework strewn across the grounds along with an upturned litter bin that was ripped from its cemented base.

FB IMG 1625510784559 | 'Utter mindlessness' - outrage over vandalism in park

A reader who contacted Stroud Times, but didn’t want to be named, fumed: “This is an act of utter mindlessness vandalism on a place many Stroud people enjoy to spend time in.”

Town Clerk Helen Bojaniwska, said: “The Town Council’s Green Spaces team is currently repairing the damage and reported the incident to police.” 

FB IMG 1625510778173 | 'Utter mindlessness' - outrage over vandalism in park

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